CAPA 2021 JFK Conference

The JFK Assassination and The Media

November 20 and 21, 2021

All Access Pass to 2 Day Live Event, Student Conference November 19 (requires Registration, visit for registration link) and Replays on Vimeo after Conference - $50, includes 1 year of CAPA Membership.

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Everyone who either joins CAPA or renews their membership for at least $50 will have free access to our online program this year. New members will also receive free access to some of the videos of the 2019 conference which includes the following presentations: Court of Inquiry (Lee Harvey Oswald), Rolf Larsson (former CIA), Judge Birmingham (Ruby trial), Andrew Kiel (J. Edgar Hoover, LBJ and the Secret Service), John Newman (Turning Antonio Veciana’s Misdirection into a Roadmap), Oliver Stone (remarks), Dr. Cyril Wecht (keynote) “Post JFK, RFK, MLK Related Deaths – Circumstantial or Orchestrated?”

2 Days of JFK...

The day begins with a panel discussion “The JFK Assassination and the Media,” a topic that has not been discussed and investigated by the mainstream media. Andrew Kreig will chair the panel. Participants in the panel will be Dr. Cyril Wecht, Russ Baker, James Wagenvoord, and Jacob Hornberger.

Tink Thompson and Gary Aguilar will present a talk titled: Major Breakthrough in JFK Case – Josiah Thompson’s new book “The Last Second in Dallas”

James Wagenvoord will speak about his experiences working at Life magazine in 1963. He has much to share since he was at the epicenter of the magazine responsible for much of the news about the assassination. Title of the talk is “My LIFE Story and LIFE’s Life Story.”

Edward Sproul is a director and producer of video, has been staff producer/director at Merrrill Lynch and is an experienced film maker and technical expert. Sproul will give his opinion on the disinformation that has affected some of the research around the JFK assassination. The focus will be on the Zapruder film as an example of how confusion has crept into analysis and he will give some methods that can be used to approach the data in a different way. He will briefly discuss the technology necessary to alter films and hypothesize on how some of the divergent opinions about it came to be.

Russell Kent, who spoke last year about the House Select Committee on Assassinations Forensic Pathology Panel, will speak about his new book, “JFK Medical Betrayal.”

Jim Di’Eugenio will speak about the ARRB, Kennedy and his assassination in “JFK Revisited,” Oliver Stone’s new documentary.

David Montague was head of investigations for the United States JFK Assassination Records Review Board and will speak about his time in that position.

Dr Cyril Wecht will speak about his latest book, “The JFK Assassination Dissected.”

Stephen Jaffe is the last living investigator on the staff of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison in the 60's. Jaffe was also one of the producers of the feature film “Executive Action” in 1973. And, for the first time, for the CAPA audience, Jaffe will show a new documentary that he produced with his late partner, author and attorney, Mark Lane. It’s entitled, “A Rush to Judgment,” after Lane’s best-selling book and includes some rare interviews with witnesses Lane interviewed in 1966. It also includes historic new interviews. Jaffe will also show a brief, almost never seen documentary film about the making of “Executive Action” with interviews of the stars (Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan and Will Geer, as well as the executive producer Edward Lewis). Jaffe will take questions via Zoom.

Bill Kelly will present a talk on The Wheaton-Jenkins Connection. Gene Wheaton, former policeman and military intelligence officer who served in the Army, Marines and Air Force, and earned a presidential citation for his security work in the middle east, describes his association with Carl Jenkins, a business partner in a CIA propriety airline and housemate. Wheaton informed the ARRB that Jenkins and his associates acknowledged participation in the assassination of JFK. Four interviews Matt Ewhling conducted with Wheaton will be condensed and William M. Law's interview with Wheaton will be presented, documents Wheaton provided the ARRB will be displayed and two recent interviews with Jenkins will be discussed. (This talk has been added by the CAPA Board, not the Program Chair.)

We will also have a panel on the history and status of withholding of the JFK assassination records. David Montague will chair the panel; participants are Bill Kelly, Michael Nurko, Andrew Kreig and Jacob Hornberger.

We are again planning a special day for high school, college, and law school students. This will be held online, as it was last year, on Friday, November 19.

The registration fee for all attendees of the regular conference will include attendance for the Student Day but will require registration, visit:

David Denton, History Professor at Olney Central College and head of the JFK Historical Group, will introduce the program and will be available to answer questions from the students after the program. The conference will last approximately seven hours including breaks.